Saturday, April 13, 2013

Honeycat Cosmetics Surprise Gift

Hello Gorgeous!
Today when I went to go get my mail for the day I noticed that I had a package from Honeycat Cosmetics. I didn't remember ordering anything lately. So I was really anxious to get this packaged opened. Once I opened it I saw this pretty pink box!

On the box was a note card with a really touching message that read: "Someone who loves you says, 'Don't you dare give up! Things will get better.'" That really touched my heart. Lately I have been having some hard times with family issues and sometimes it feels like those issues are never going to get better. This card and gift just completely made my whole weekend! I am still unsure who sent it, if it was from someone I know or from Honeycat Cosmetics but to whoever it was that sent this to me thank you, thank you so much. This means so much to me!

This gift was packaged so nicely as you can see in the above pictures. I was sent two items, one which is a white and pink wash cloth with the Honeycat Cosmetics logo on it. It is just so cute! The other item I was sent is Honeycat Cosmetics Sweet Potato Pie Bubble Stuff. It is a really big bottle! Definitely not a sample size. This bubble bath stuff is said to be extra rich, super bubble, sweet potato pie scented. This bubble bath is loaded aloe, shea butter & macadamia nut oil. A purrfect recipe happy skin. I can not wait to try this stuff out. It smells so delicious! Once again I just want to say thank you so much for this gift, it really made my weekend just that much more special!

Until next time, take care <3

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