Sunday, September 2, 2012

Bath & Body Works Haul + Great Deal!

Hello Gorgeous!
I received an e-mail from Bath & Body Works on Friday I believe and in it was filled with all sorts of great sales but one caught my eye. It was the one that stated that when you spent $10 or more at Bath & Body Works then you would be able to get an item up to a $14 value for free! How great is that? So Saturday in the afternoon I stopped at my local Bath & Body Works store with my coupon in hand and did a little bit of shopping. This is what I came out with:

- Paris Amour Fine Fragrance 8 fl. oz ($14.00)
- Teal Rhinestones PocketBac ($3.00)
- Aqua Blossom PocketBac Hand Sanitizer ($1.00)
- Paris Amour PocketBac Hand Sanitizer ($1.00)
- Vampire Blood in Plum PocketBac Hand Sanitizer ($1.00)
- Bonjour! in Pink Blossom PocketBac Hand Sanitizer ($1.00)
- I Heart Paris in Berry Amour PocketBac Hand Sanitizer ($1.00)
- Pink Rhinestone Bow PocketBac ($3.00)

I was in need of some hand sanitizers so I grabbed 5 of them because of their 5 for $5.00 deal. If you choose not to buy 5 at a time they come out to $1.50 each. Then I grabbed two PocketBac holders one for myself and another one for my mom. At that point my total before tax was $11.00 so at that point I qualified for the free item up to a $14.00 value and I opted to get one of their new fine fragrances in Paris Amour which smells absolutely delightful! I was really happy with my purchase and thought it was worth sharing. If you would want to do an order online use the code FREEFALL50 but if you would rather go in a store click here to print the coupon that you will need to take. Hope everyone is having a great Labor Day Weekend! Until next time, take care <3

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