Thursday, July 5, 2012

Back From My Vacation in Tenamaxtlan, Jalisco 2012!!

Hello Gorgeous!
It has been a while since I last blogged. I was gone from the blogging world for the whole month of June. Lots has happened since I have been away. I graduated at the end of May from Mt. San Jacinto College with an Associates Degree in Science, which was very exciting way to end the month of May. Then in June I was busy getting ready for my trip to Mexico! It had been 5 years since the last time I had visited so it was way past due. I left at the beginning of June and got home on the 27th of June. I wish I could have stayed longer there was still so many more things I wanted to do and places to go see but overall I am very content that I was able to go at all. On my trip I went along with my parents, my oldest sister, my youngest sister, my 2 nieces, and my nephew. We had quite a big group so there was never a moment of boredom while we were on vacation. We took a plane to Guadalajara, Jalisco and it was about a 2 hour and a half plane ride which wasn't terribly long. Then from Guadalajara to our home town (Tenamaxtlan, Jalisco) was about another 2 hour and a half drive.  It was quite a bit of traveling for a day so we were excited to get to our house in Tenamaxtlan.

During my stay there I was able to go to a lot of different places and visit a lot of family that I hadn't seen in years. My time there was filled with tons of joy and happiness so much so we are already trying to plan another trip for December of 2013! There is just so much to tell about my trip but it would make this blog extremely long so instead I would like to share a few things that I brought back from my trip. To start off I would like to show you dolls a few cosmetics that I picked up.

I didn't really buy a lot but the things that I did buy I have really been loving. The first thing that I bought were 5 BissĂș Neon Nail Polishes I saw these and was attracted because of the bright colors each of them cost me 8 pesos which is roughly a little less than 50 cents. At that price it was a total steal now to think about it I should have picked up more. Most of the colors with the exception of the yellow shade can be used with one coat and you would be good to go. I am use to putting on at least 2 coats so that's what I did in the picture with my nails painted. After that I picked up two BissĂș Shimmering Eyeshadow Pigments in number 34 & 28. The colors that are swatched are without a primer and they are extremely pigmented! These were about 16 pesos which is about a dollar and some change, which again I thought was a great price. The last time I picked up during my stay was a Jafra Lipstick in the shade Spring Rose which I have really been loving. This item was the most priciest of all the cosmetics I bought this one cost me 95 pesos which is about seven dollars and some change. Not too bad for a lipstick though and I have been told really good things about this brand so I figured why not buy it and try it out for myself.

Next group of things I bought were a couple pieces of jewelry. I am such a sucker for jewelry, I can never have too much. On my trip I made it a point to buy a bracelet at every city/town that we visited. So on the top left hand corner has all the bracelets that I picked up. The brown belt like bracelet I picked up in Atengo, the following bracelet I picked up while on the beach in Melaque, the heart turquoise bracelet I picked up in Talpa, the one after that one I also got it in Melaque, the fifth one I bought it while on the beach in Barra de Navidad, and the last pearls one I picked it up in our home town of Tenamaxtlan. The earrings on the top right corner I got them from my aunt. She makes jewelry and sells it and when I saw these I completely fell in love with them. The picture does not do them any justice these are just completely stunning! On the bottom left hand corner are three pairs of earrings that I picked up while shopping in Tena, I just thought these were all gorgeous and I didn't have anything like them back at home. Lastly the bottom right hand corner is a hair clip which is so beautiful and in my favorite color! This clip is very sturdy and can hold up all of my hair and as an added bonus it looks absolutely beautiful on.

These are just a few items I picked up as souvenirs from Tena and Talpa. The cowboy zebra shot glass I bought in Talpa, I just thought it was really cute and I am a zebra print fanatic especially when the stripes are black and silver. The next shot glass I picked it up in Tena and it has the picture of the church which is absolutely beautiful. The flowery cup with the ribbon on it has candy inside and this was given to me by my Uncle Marcos. He bought it while we were visiting Talpa. The last cup I bought because I thought it was simple gorgeous & thought it would be great for some of my makeup brushes. I just loved the simplicity of the that cup and I really like how it looks as part of where I have all my makeup brushes.

The last group of things are some odds and ends that I picked up in the swap meet like area in Tena. I bought this cute flower print bag because I didn't want to carry around my big purse all the time so I thought this was a cute and easy way to fix that. I also love that it has various places where I can store things. On the top right corner I got a leather flower print change purse that was given to me from a cousin, then next to that I bought a shoe horse key chain with my first name initial on it, on the bottom of both of those items my mom bought me some scissor like tweezers (we were told that these are some of the best tweezers and so far I would have to agree), and the last four items are magnets which all hold a special meaning to myself. I bought a Coca Cola bottle because that's pretty much the only kind of soda my dad drinks, then I got a Dia de Los Muertos skull because that day has some pretty major history in my family and lastly I bought two characters from a TV Show that I still watch to this day called El Chavo del Ocho. The two characters that I bought are El Chavo and La Chilindrina. As you dolls can see I was able to bring back quite a few souvenirs back and now just by looking at them it makes me want to go back even more. Hope you dolls enjoyed a small snippet of my trip in Mexico & I hope you all are having a great summer. Until next time, take care <3

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