Monday, March 12, 2012

Beauty Army: March 2012 Kit

Hello Gorgeous!
My March Beauty Army Kit arrived on Saturday. I think this one has got to be my favorite one so far from this company! So lets just get into what arrived this month. =)

1) Sun FX Body Shimmer
Ultra Hydrating & Illuminating Body Shimmer crème with nourishing Shea Butter, Sweet Almond Oil & Macadamia Oil to bring out your inner glow. (Sample Size: 2.2 oz.)

2) Mama Mio Shrink To Fit
An incredibly effective cellulite-blasting serum set in a richly moisturizing cream. Double whammy; smooth ‘orange peel-free’ legs wrapped in soft, toned, nourished, FIT skin. To reduce the appearance of cellulite, you need to kick start the sluggish circulation, decongest and reduce toxins. Shrink To Fit is packed with the most effective, expensive cellulite busters, circulation stimulators and antioxidants; all at very, very high levels to ensure we have made the very best anti-cellulite cream we possibly could. (Sample Size: 1.7 oz.)

3) Cover FX EyePrep FX
This anti-age smoothing eye primer immediately soothes, hydrates and helps reduce under eye puffiness. Formulated to strengthen the skin around the eye, it firms and rejuvenates while lightening dark under eye circles. EyePrep binds concealer, foundation and eye shadows to lids and eye area for long lasting wear. Tolerated by the most sensitive skin, this formula is oil free, fragrance free, paraben free and gluten free. (Sample Size: 0.16 oz.)

4) Barbor HY-OL
BABOR has combined the natural cleansing power of oil and water to create a unique signature bi-phase cleansing system that ensures mild but thorough deep-cleansing. This gentle hydrophilic (water loving) cleansing oil is formulated with pure herbal ingredients, is free from preservatives and is suitable for all skin types. It is used in combination with a skin-specific Phytoactive cleansing fluid (sold separately). (Sample Size: 2 bottles 0.31 oz. each)

5) Barbor Argan Cream
Foreign regions are opening up new horizons in the world of cosmetics. Experience the exotic nature of Morocco’s “Liquid Gold” Harvested from the ancient Argan Tree-which is found only in the Sous valley of southwestern Morocco- this precious oil has long been valued for its medicinal, nutritional and cosmetic properties. The active ingredients such as Agranyl and Aloe Vera work to aid skin in retaining elasticity, boosting firming power and rejuvenating cells. The unique Arganyl extract also stabilizes the skin’s collagen fibers and protects them against enzymatic breakdown. Experience younger, more hydrated skin in minutes. (Sample Size: 0.5 oz)

6) Shea Terra Bananas & Baobabs Whipped Body Cream
 This luxurious, pampering cream will give you super soft skin all day long with a combination of 30% organic shea butter and African baobab oil. But that's not all. The all-natural banana extract in this baby will make you want to pull out a spoon and dig in. (Sample Size: 1 oz.)

7) MyFace Cosmetics Blingtone Eyeshadow in Caribbean Queen
Inspired by the tranquil, azure colors of the Caribbean, where the blues and greens of the sea and sky blend together so that you can't tell where one ends and the other begins... caribbean queen is an iced turquoise that shimmers like the sun on the ocean and makes you swear you can hear steel drums in the distance when you wear it. (Sample Size: Full Size)

I cant wait to start trying these out! Oh and if you were wondering why I received a 7th product this month, it is because last month one of my samples arrived damaged. Beauty Army has fabulous customer service! Do you subscribe to Beauty Army? If so what did you get this month? Have a great day dolls!

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