Friday, February 17, 2012

Birthday Giveaway!

Hello Gorgeous!

Tomorrow February 18th is my birthday so I figured this would be a great time to do my first giveaway! There is no better thing than giving back to my readers for bearing with me as I am a new blogger lol. I really appreciate your patience with me, I'm starting to get the hang of this! Hopefully with time I will be able to do more and better giveaways! But as for this first giveaway the prizes will all be a surprised except one item. I still have to pick up a few more things so for now I will just be giving a sneak peak of one item. And that is....

E.L.F. 24K Gold Collection 15 Piece Eyeshadow Palette

As for the rest of the prizes just think of it as a surprise gift like those normally given on birthdays! Now on to the rules, I am going to keep this really simple. All you have to do to enter is:

3) Leave a comment telling me about your favorite birthday gift.

Pretty simple right? Now this giveaway will start today February 17th and will end in one week on February 24th. I am going to choose the winner using I think that will be the best way for this giveaway. I hope you guys have an awesome weekend!


  1. My favorite birthday gift would have to be my cat^^ it was so amazing, i wanted one my whole life since the cat when i was a kid passed, his name is chevy and he is almost 4 now :) He is gray and white.

  2. My favorite birthday gift would have to be my Macbook Air. It was a joint birthday/Christmas gift from my parents. I use it everyday and it's made my life so much easier. I'm so lucky to have parents who always try to give me the best.

  3. My favorite birthday gift of all time was when my mom surprised me early with two tickets to the Good charlotte and Simple plan concert! At the time I was turning 16, and they were my favorite bands. I still remember it to this day. I brought my best friend with me and we got our band shirts and got as close as possible! Joel Madden even waved at me! LOL :) But now that I'm a mom, I look forward to the beautiful pictures my little girl colors/draws me. :D

  4. YAY! Happy Birthday! Mine is next month! : ) My favorite birthday gift is nothing too special. I just got some money to go buy the things I really wanted. I got a pair of Nikes and Jordans. Some make up and a few other things. I LOVE shopping and shoes so back then that was GREAT! LOL!

  5. My favorite birthday gift is always just spending time with my family that I barely get to see. :) Material items wise, from my parents for my 21st birthday I got my Kindle 3(keyboard) and have been addicted and made a career out of it; from my boyfriend Zach, I got an iPod touch nano and an numerous gifts through the month. Happy Birthday! :D

  6. My favorite birthday gift was from my husband, we just found out I was pregnant and he brought me this expensive catfish from a local BBQ restaurant and flooded my office with flowers and balloons! It was quirky!

  7. Happy Birthday (belated)!!! My favorite birthday gift is actually when I get homemade cards. My childhood best friend always makes me them. One year she took pictures of us from over 10 years and made a collage from it. I still have it and it still makes me smile when I come across it.

  8. Happy Belated Birthday :DD
    You didn't state if this is international but either way, lol I thank you for this giveaway :)

    My birthday's next month XD

    Anyway, my favourite birthday gift has to be the one from my boyfriend. He knew I loved to sing, and he gave me a Blue Snowball microphone. I got angry at him though, since it was quite expensive :( but it was quite a surprise lol.

  9. Happy Birthday!
    My favorite birthday gift was a simple watch. Not a big deal, but it came from someone special to me, and I needed one really bad, at the time.
    GFC: smurfette
    Facebook: Lisa Brown (made comment that I entered)
    jslbrown_03 at yahoo dot com
    Such a great giveaway!

  10. Happy Belated Birthday and thank you for the awesome giveaway!
    (Following Cathryne H and Liked on Facebook)

    My favorite birthday gift was definitely my Pomeranian Dexter. He's an evil little thing (hence his name) but he's absolutely perfect for me. My little shadow <3

  11. My favorite birthday gift was a cat i had named Mason. He was the sweetest cat and very relaxed. Sadly he got lost. But it was so exciting when I got him a few years ago.

  12. Happy Birthday! My favorite gift was my phone, to be honest. I love technology and being surrounded by it. Even though these types of presents' values degrade over time, it's so useful that I've never forgotten to be thankful for it (gah, this sounds so shallow, but it's really life-changing!)

  13. My favorite birthday gift was my flip camera. I use it for my youtube videos all the time. It was given to me by my dad and it is a very useful gift.
    Facebook: Kelsey Chen

  14. Giveaway is officially CLOSED. Sorry I am late on announcing the winner I just have been busy these past couple of days. But anyways on to who the winner is (and this was chosen by using & it is alliebabii! =D Congrats! Thanks to everyone who participated!

    1. YAY! Thank-You! I'm just now getting your FB message. It was hidden! I sent you my info on Is That Odd! I'm so excited! I never win! Also my b-day is this month so this is great! Thank-You!