Monday, January 9, 2012

IsThatOdd Secret Santa Swag Bag

Hello Gorgeous!
During December 2011 there was a Secret Santa Swag Bag in the Sample Shop that was available for purchase. So how this worked was that if you wanted or were able to purchase it then you could but this was a swag bag that would be sent out to someone else on the IsThatOdd. How great is that? So when I saw it in the sample shop I bought it and I already knew who I wanted to send it to. I was really excited to be able to gift something to someone that I really thought that they deserved it because they had been so generous on the site! Now I thought that was the end of that but when I checked my mailbox I had received a package from ITO. I was trying to remember if I  had ordered anything but I couldn't think of anything. When I opened it it was a Secret Santa Swag Bag I was so excited! So I went to my room so that I could really see what was in the package and not only was I lucky enough to get one, I received two swag bags! I just want to say THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU to IsThatOdd team and to my Secret Santas =)
So here is what the Secret Santa Swag Bags looked like:
How cute is the packaging? I love it when things are packaged in a special way =) So I am going to start with the first swag bag which is the one on the left.
In this swag bag I was sent an Apothederm Hydrating Eye Cream, Lumiere d'hiver Reconstructing Masque (it is a hair mask), and a Lamik Lip Gloss it doesn't have a name on it but it is gorgeous!
In the second swag bag I received a LeliaSea Hand Cream From the Dead Sea, a Jouer Lip Enhancer Conditioning Lip Treatment, and Incoco Nail Polish Applique! Here is a better picture of  the nail appliques:
Everything I had received I am so excited to get to test out. Cant wait to review these items and let you dolls know what I think about them. If you haven't joined IsThatOdd you should really check it out. It is an amazing website where you get to meet great people and talk about anything that may interest you and all at the same time you are earning Odd coins that you can then use in the Sample Shop to buy samples. It is really worth checking out! Here is the link:

Monday, January 2, 2012

Beauty Army

Hello Gorgeous!
Yesterday, January 1st 2012, was Beauty Army launch date. Beauty Army is a sample subscription service that allows you to choose up to 6 samples a month. The monthly fee for this is $12, which includes shipping or you can choose to do a yearly subscription of $132 (includes a free month). What appealed to me the most about this sample subscription service is that for one you are able to choose your own samples so you will not be receiving samples that you wouldn't want. Another thing that I liked was that they are paired up with brands like Indie Lee, Chella, 100% Pure, Joico, La Rocca, and many more. So after taking all of this into consideration I decided to sign up and try it out for myself. I took the profile survey a few times until I had a few samples chosen that appealed to me the most. Here is what I decided to get:
Once I receive my sample kit I will post a review with pictures of all of the items included. Did any of you sign up? If so what did you choose as your samples? Hope you all have a wonderful day!